Monday, February 21, 2011

Combined Bible Study---Modesty and Encouragement Workshop!

The ladies usually have our Bible Study on Sunday nights and we dive into the Word with our sisters in Christ.  This week we did something a little different and invited the guys to come fellowship with us! We wrote letters to each other about the things we like about our Brothers and Sisters and helped each other out when it comes to temptation!  God did awesome works once again---He never ceases to amaze me!  He has put the most incredible group of people in my life at St. Edward's!

Below are video recording of the letters we wrote to each other:

God Bless and have an amazing week glorifying God in everything you do!

Mer :)

We began our quest for the coveted Topper Cup with the Kickball tournament to start off SEU Homecoming Week 2011.  Our organization started off with a win and are hoping for many more in the competitions throughout the week!

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