Friday, April 29, 2011

Son, Sweat, and Sand

View Heartland Conference Sand Volleyball Tournament 2011 in a larger map

Sweat and sand covered their bodies as two St. Edward’s University teams competed for the championship at the 3rd Annual Heartland Conference Sand Volleyball Tournament at Fatso’s Sports Garden in San Antonio, TX.
It was game point and serve for Courtney Trevino and Ashley Vander Hey.  Ace.  They had defeated their teammates Mary McNamara and Laura Colley for the win.
“It was challenging and there were a lot of good teams in the tournament out to beat us,” Ashley Vander Hey said. “But we were able to use the skills that God has given us in something that we love to come out victorious, and it was a blast.”
The success of McNamara and Colley was a shock to the two players.
“Coming into the tournament we did not expect to do very well and at the beginning a few losses on our record did not give us much more hope,” Mary McNamara said.  “But it’s funny how God works and helped us compete in a way to build ourselves back up from the bottom.”
Although shown in the above map, not all Heartland Conference members were able to attend this year’s Sand Volleyball Tournament.  St. Edward’s University, Dallas Baptist University, and St. Mary’s University were the only three universities competing this year.  Of the 11 teams present, six were from St. Edward’s. 
Not only did St. Edward’s claim both spots in the championship game, but the pair of Lindy Luleff and Michelle Hundt tied for third place overall.
Although not present at this year’s sand volleyball tournament, St. Edward’s Volleyball travels to the other marked universities for conference play during the indoor fall season. 
The Annual Sand Tournament is an opportunity for players to enjoy a different type of volleyball action.
The map above shows the travel directions for each participating team highlighted in three different colors and their placemarks when clicked on include a team picture.
The placemark for Fatso’s includes pictures of the top two finishing teams as well as a video highlighting the championship game and snapshots from the tournament.
The final placements for each participating team are as follows:
1. Courtney Trevino & Ashley Vander Hey (SEU)
2. Laura Colley & Mary McNamara (SEU)
3. Christina Steinkruger & Kaylyn Frink (DBU)
3. Lindy Luleff & Michelle Hundt (SEU)
5. Kirsten Chapman & Allie Murray (STMU)
T-6. Stephanie Proske, Nicole Canales & Adrianna Keys (STMU)
6. Whitney Rhoden & Lauren Martin (SEU)
8. Karlie Ortega & Melissa Dahle (STMU)
8. Tyler Bradsher & Krystal Wunderlich (DBU)
10. Claire Stephens & Lauren Pavloske (DBU)
10. Ale'tra Ware & Meredith Bard (SEU)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple Truth

Just in case you've ever doubted...

God loves you and is always there for you!

Read Genesis 28: 10-15 and listen to the first podcast from The Austin Stone Community Church titled "God With Us".

Your Sister in Christ,
Meredith :)